Happy Holidays!!!

Happy Holidays From Repaz Marketing!

Can’t we all just get along?

LinkedIn is pulling the plug on SlideShare, WordPress & LinkedIn Events starting today. They dropped this news publicly a few days ago, saying it was part of their effort to simplify design…and create new ways to ‘connect’. Please don’t tell me LinkedIn wants me to create yet another closed-off-contact-community behind concrete. We can probably still get blog content in by… Read More

Bitcoin…in us we trust

 We’re happy to be part of the future by supporting innovation and peer-to-peer trust Repaz Marketing is now proudly accepting Bitcoin. Bitcoin began in 2008,  with a paper published under the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto. The technical design outlined in the paper was implemented in the open-source community the following year. It became wildly popular in… Read More

Watching Google watch you

Google’s Panda updates are part of the company’s quest to provide quality online content by way of complex (and usually covert) algorithms that rank websites. This is how and why the Panda algorithms have made their impact felt on millions since launching in 2011. These updates utilize more sophisticated and scalable artificial intelligence than ever before. It… Read More

Every minute online

The sheer amount of activity taking place online every minute is astounding. Have you recently wondered whether you should be promoting (or improving) your company website more actively?  These numbers point to a resounding “YES.” Every 60 seconds: 571 new websites are created 2 million Google searches are conducted 11,000 professional searches on LinkedIn are… Read More

How to do less social media work and get better results

Social media is a pain. It’s a resource hog…it’s hard to track…it makes your reputation vulnerable…it’s disorganized. It’s also a sobering reminder of how many different types of people and opinions there are in the world.   Yet…for small businesses, it is crucial. Done efficiently, the benefits will outweigh the effort to maintain your social… Read More

Happy Halloween!!!

Booeutifully effective marketing for the ghoulish crowd. May the witches stir up your business this Halloween! http://www.repaz.com

Interactive vs. Digital vs. Online … aren’t they all the same?

Believe it or not, Interactive, Digital, and Online Marketing, are each unique. Each requires different product and strategy knowledge. It is quite common for these titles to be used interchangeably today Here is a simple and straightforward breakdown. Online Marketing Definition of Online Marketing: A marketing campaign which is bound by an internet connection. The… Read More

Say goodbye to email

Wondering what the future of communications will look like?  Look to teens, who literally set the stage for the future of mainstream communications. Today only 11% of teenagers use email daily.  The rest of their communications takes place via SMS (text, video chat, etc) and social platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Tumblr.    

Is your website designer guilty of committing these sins?

The ugly truth is that most small business websites do a lousy job of doing their job– whether it’s brand building, engaging, converting or selling.  The most common culprits are lack of planning, technical limitations or simply following popular trends that don’t make good business sense. Know those enormous photos that take 2 page scrolls… Read More