Could this be the end of sucky content?

There’s a great piece in INC about the ever-growing tide of junk content slowly drowning out original, thoughtful and interesting quality content. This junk content is what many low lying digital marketers refer to as ‘SEO fuel’ or simply ‘SEO marketing’.

These are the articles written in 20 minutes or less, press releases that regurgitate the same idea in 25 different ways or the blog posts that repeat a keyword phrase 3 times in a singleRepaz marketing in NJ

stifling sentence …aka. “For sublime marketing in NJ, get to know a marketing in NJ firm that prides itself on being a premier resource for marketing in NJ.”

Great right? Google brought this on with an algorithm that rewards the most frequently updated content. It has set the standard for other content hubs like Twitter, where you simply disappear if you don’t tweet often enough because some software will automatically un-follow you. So people continue to tweet stale content or in most cases retweet. Did you know close to 80% of the content on Twitter are retweets?  It’s like going to a party and the host hands you a martini glass of someone else’s backwash. Eww.

There is some hope, or at least relief for original content writers out there. Google’s multi-part Panda and Penguin updates penalize content “repackagers” and “keyword stutters” that repeat, repeat, repeat. Even Twitter co-founders Evan Williams and Biz Stone are attempting to stem the tide and retain the founding spirit of the perennial micro-blogging site.

They announced recently that they’re “rethinking publishing” and creating an online medium (named Medium) dedicated to the idea that the quality of content matters. “Lots of services have successfully lowered the bar for sharing information, but there’s been less progress toward raising the quality of what’s produced,” Williams writes in his opening Medium post.

Could this be the start of the end for sucky content?

If Google and Twitter can effectively mirror the egalitarian approach of sites like Tumblr and Flipboard that effectively roll up aged media, old and new media, branded media and quality social media, the writers, thinkers and innovators of the web have a shot.

And, we won’t have to click to page 3 of our Google results to finally get some meaningful content besides Wikipedia.

Mechele Shoneman About Mechele Shoneman

Mechele is an accomplished marketing veteran and entrepreneur with 20 years experience working with companies large and small. Drawing on her extensive background in traditional and digital marketing strategy, she provides her clients with targeted campaigns and competitive action plans that get results.

While at Alcatel-Lucent, CNA and other large corporations, Mechele’s hallmark was her ability to cut through red tape and get things done, in innovative ways that built brand equity and lead response. As a funded internet entrepreneur, she built her business and integrated marketing strategy from the ground up.

After many years of launching brands, building mind share and driving leads for every size company Mechele has learned that without flawless execution, the best laid plans are nothing more than plans on paper. With her talent for quickly and successfully getting underneath new markets, Mechele has a solid history of executing plans on point and delivering measurable results for her clients.

Mechele is also a passionate animal lover and volunteers with a number of dog rescue organizations in Monmouth County NJ, in addition to running Large Dog Rescue.