What does your business stand for?

Being Socially Responsible Is Good for Business…Period.

lucyWhat do you stand for? From global warming to geriatric policy, everyone has something they care deeply about, and when your business begins to define itself by committing to a cause, everyone benefits. Taking part in the new era of social responsibility helps to humanize your business, and in the process, refine your brand.

With the advent of social marketing, one-directional push marketing has gone the way of the dinosaurs. In order to succeed today, marketing must be conversational, and to be a good conversationalist, you need to have a clearly defined personality for your brand. Not doing so will cost you.  Read more…

Mechele Shoneman About Mechele Shoneman

Mechele is an accomplished marketing veteran and entrepreneur with 20 years experience working with companies large and small. Drawing on her extensive background in traditional and digital marketing strategy, she provides her clients with targeted campaigns and competitive action plans that get results.

While at Alcatel-Lucent, CNA and other large corporations, Mechele’s hallmark was her ability to cut through red tape and get things done, in innovative ways that built brand equity and lead response. As a funded internet entrepreneur, she built her business and integrated marketing strategy from the ground up.

After many years of launching brands, building mind share and driving leads for every size company Mechele has learned that without flawless execution, the best laid plans are nothing more than plans on paper. With her talent for quickly and successfully getting underneath new markets, Mechele has a solid history of executing plans on point and delivering measurable results for her clients.

Mechele is also a passionate animal lover and volunteers with a number of dog rescue organizations in Monmouth County NJ, in addition to running Large Dog Rescue.