Is your website designer guilty of committing these sins?

The ugly truth is that most small business websites do a lousy job of doing their job– whether it’s brand building, engaging, converting or selling.  The most common culprits are lack of planning, technical limitations or simply following popular trends that don’t make good business sense.

Know those enormous photos that take 2 page scrolls to reach the bottom?  Those are extremely frustrating if there is no information payoff at the end.  Similarly, the infinite scroll feature used by Facebook, Pinterest and Google Images is a big no-no for business sites for reasons ranging from bad SEO to viewer disengagement.

It’s a fact. People look at visuals before words so use them effectively. According to a Nielsen eye-tracking study visitors pay close attention to photos and other images that contain relevant information. However, if the images are decorative or obviously used just to “jazz up” a page, they are ignored. Stock photos of people for example are disregarded, while photos of real people are scrutinized closely.

People Photos = Good (If They’re Real People)

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Mechele Shoneman About Mechele Shoneman

Mechele is an accomplished marketing veteran and entrepreneur with 20 years experience working with companies large and small. Drawing on her extensive background in traditional and digital marketing strategy, she provides her clients with targeted campaigns and competitive action plans that get results.

While at Alcatel-Lucent, CNA and other large corporations, Mechele’s hallmark was her ability to cut through red tape and get things done, in innovative ways that built brand equity and lead response. As a funded internet entrepreneur, she built her business and integrated marketing strategy from the ground up.

After many years of launching brands, building mind share and driving leads for every size company Mechele has learned that without flawless execution, the best laid plans are nothing more than plans on paper. With her talent for quickly and successfully getting underneath new markets, Mechele has a solid history of executing plans on point and delivering measurable results for her clients.

Mechele is also a passionate animal lover and volunteers with a number of dog rescue organizations in Monmouth County NJ, in addition to running Large Dog Rescue.