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Internet marketing for businesses of every size

A solid internet marketing strategy requires more than a website. Building an online presence that accurately reflects your business is just the beginning.  If planned and executed properly, the right internet marketing strategy can place you high in the search rankings, drive new business and give you a measurable competitive edge.

Internet marketing is also more than just SEO and social marketing. It is a strategic multi-channel mix of online tactics that range from targeting long-tail keyword phrases, to building social influence, to cascading inbound links, to sustaining a positive reputation.

Don’t wait to until it’s too late to deploy an internet marketing strategy

seo-search-repaz-marketingIf you already have an embedded base, don’t be lulled into thinking that internet marketing is something to be dealt with in the future or simply not applicable.

A solid internet marketing strategy is as vital for local and consumer goods companies as it is for wholesalers and b2b providers. Developing a powerful online internet marketing approach is fundamental to positioning and influence.

It is vital to grab competitive, online real estate early to start building “internet equity.”  This means building history with the search engines and becoming an inbound destination site— both imperative to the new search engine algorithms.  It also means maintaining a conversation with various audience sets in Google Plus and Facebook, along with relevant industry forums and influence-building locations.

Our NJ internet marketing consultants and targeted internet marketing services can give your business the ability to reach millions of potential customers globally— even if your goal is to reach only as far as your neighborhood.

A solid strategy goes a long way with internet marketing

The beauty of strategic internet marketing is that, done right, it can level the playing field between you and your largest competitors. With the right internet marketing plan in place, you can reach the same audience with the same intensity as a corporation with deep pockets.

Our New Jersey internet marketing company will translate your online goals into a concrete plan, whether you’re already working with an online model or trying to figure out the best way to get your brick and mortar business online.  Repaz will work with you to plan and execute online marketing campaigns that will drive traffic to your site or store, and convert prospects into quality leads.

Internet marketing solutions that get results

Repaz MarketingWe utilize creative and cost-efficient online marketing solutions that can outperform print and broadcast in terms of both targeting and reporting.  From contextual and geo-relevant ads to healthy SEO Repaz will help you drive traffic.

We can also also help make create greater customer loyalty with reputation marketing and social media marketing, evangelizing your message across the web.  Our NJ marketing consultants will help you convert more prospects faster.

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